Substance Alchemist v0.6.1 RC.1-150 For Winx64 Crack Download

By | May 24, 2019

Well, I can honestly say it’s a very unique tool with game-changing potential. Personally, I think it fits the Substance ecosystem very well. Sure, it has some overlap with both Substance Painter and Substance Designer, but it actually complements them. One big part is definitely the library management but, for me, material blending is the selling point – it’s just so easy! By the way, blending feels like an understatement here – you can mix, extract, augment, tile, recolor, generate, weather, splatter, dirty it up or snow it down, to mention just a few possibilities. With the toolset growing with every release, nothing is stopping you from taking 100 materials from Substance Source and making whatever you need. But wait, there’s more! Since this is Substance, everything is procedural and extendable.

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