Simplify3D v4.1.1 x64 Win 2019 Full Easy Crack Download

By | January 6, 2019

Simplify3D v4.1.1 x64 Win 2019 Full Easy Crack Download CLEAN!

It translates 3D models into instructions your printer understands. Better instructions mean better prints, so a simple software upgrade makes all the difference in the world.

New Multi-Material features offered in Version 4.1 give you the power to tackle new applications involving multiple colors or customized material properties. The software will automatically handle priming during material changes while optimizing the toolpaths to ensure you are getting the best results from your 3D printer.

Support For Up To 6 Extruders – A redesigned Prime Pillar and Ooze Shield have been optimized for multi-material printing, allowing you to use up to 6 materials or colors simultaneously.Improved Priming – New Prime Pillar and Ooze Shield sequences ensure tools are always primed at the beginning of each layer before printing. Each tool will be ready the moment it is needed, resulting in cleaner prints with crisp color definition.

New Dynamic Construction – The Prime Pillar and Ooze shield have both been upgraded with new dynamic construction techniques. If a specific extruder isn’t used during a portion of your print, the software will combine multiple regions of the Prime Pillar or Ooze shield for improved stability and faster print times.

Improved Print Time Estimates

Time estimates are more accurate in Simplify3D Version 4.1. Updated algorithms simulate the actual behavior of the printer firmware for increased prediction accuracy. This allows time estimates provided by the software to more closely match real-world results, giving you confidence during planning.Extensive testing on a wide variety of 3D printers shows a significant accuracy improvement across the board.  Users will have more accurate predictions and we will continue to refine the algorithm over time to ensure the highest degree of accuracy.

Sequential Printing Enhancements

Sequential printing is a special printing mode that allows you to optimize how multiple parts are constructed. The option allows you to print individual parts one-at-a-time to minimize the stringing that occurs when moving between models. This printing mode has been significantly updated in Version 4.1 with several new capabilities.

Automatic Collision Avoidance

Version 4.1 establishes new capabilities for sequential printing.  The software will detect potential collisions and change the print strategy accordingly. This allows sequential printing to be used with more complicated builds, such as multiple dual-extrusion prints on the same build platform. Enjoy scheduling freedom with the superior quality of sequential printing.

Sequential Raft Construction

The raft printing sequence is now more intuitive for multi-part prints. When using the sequential printing mode in Simplify3D, each raft will now be printed immediately before its corresponding part. This consistent ordering provides greater adhesion and reliability, helping you reduce potential failures on a multi-part build plate.


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