Peregrine Labs Yeti 2.2.1 Maya 2017-18 WIN Full Easy Crack Download!

By | September 25, 2017

Peregrine Labs Yeti 2.2.1 Maya 2017-2018 WIN Full Easy Crack Download Clean!


Fur and Hair

It’s what Yeti was built for, with numerous nodes for styling and an integrated dynamics engine all of your fur and hair needs can be met.


A custom procedural generator takes feather creation and rendering a step further to offer an efficient artist friendly means of creating extremely high detailed plumage.

Procedural Workflow

Yeti has been developed to embrace the freedom and flexibility to create, change, animate and render using a custom procedural graph editor fully integrated within Maya’s interface.

Flexible Grooming

Unlike traditional fur solutions Yeti grooms are not dependent on surface topology or texture UVs; this allows models to change with only minor aesthetic tweaks to the groom and strand placement anywhere on a surface.


Styling is made easy with a diverse range of tools for short fur, long hair, parting and feathers that are both powerful and user friendly.

Pipeline and Rendering

Developed as a good global citizen from the start; Yeti caches are lightweight with built in previews with support for most industry leading rendering engines.


* updated to V-Ray 3.60
* updated to Renderman 21.5
* updated to MtoA and Arnold
* updated to Redshift 2.5.29
* updated to Clarisse 3.5 sp1
* fixed an issue with our Redshift extension that ensures motion blur samples are correctly aligned to the center of the shutter time vs. the two samples.
* fixed an bug where setting and increasing lengths on strands would result in incorrect values.
* fixed a threading issue with Import node which would cause feathers to either be “missing” or cause Maya to crash.
* forcing sub scene consolidation of Yeti nodes for VP 2.0 to avoid feathers being prematurely culled.


Dependencies: MtoA, Arnold, VRay 3.60, RMS 21.5, PRMan 21.5, 3Delight 12.0.113, Redshift 2.5.29, Clarisse 3.5 sp1

6 thoughts on “Peregrine Labs Yeti 2.2.1 Maya 2017-18 WIN Full Easy Crack Download!

  1. Akash

    Hey, I have installed the Yeti and it’s working fine with arnold. But doesn’t working with Redshift. Can you please help me with this?
    Which code I do need to paste here?


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