VideoCopilot Element 3D v2.2.1 CE + v2.2.2 Full Download!

By | October 19, 2015

VideoCopilot Element 3D v2.2.1 CE – FIXED (r3) + v2.2.2 Windows/MAC full direct link

High Performance After Effects™ Plug-in for
creating Motion Design & Visual FX!

  • Import 3D Objects & Textures
  • OBJ & C4D Formats
  • Animation OBJ Sequences
  • Textures: PNG, JPG, HDR, EXR
NEW: Automatic Texture Importing
  • OBJ with MTL
  • C4D Files
OPENGL Shadows: (Faster)
• Supports Spot Lights & Parralel Lights
• Soft Shadows for Spot Lights
• Up to 8K Map Resolution & Sample Quality
• Shadow range based on map size
• New SSAO includes quality presets
• Tighter contact & SSAO Color Tint
Ray Trace Shadows & AO (slower)
• Supports All Light types
• Accurate Soft Shadows
• Renders slower & Requires more memory
• Ray Trace features require OpenCL GPU
Ray Traced AO: (Slower)
• Accurate contact edges
• Slower that SSAO

Added AO contrast

Relinking now works when entering Scene Interface.

C4D importer fixes.

Fixed animation engine when using rotated particles.

Fixed Custom Textures not working with CC2015.

Fixed Obj exporter when using multiple materials.
r2 – fixed installer for non-default library path
r3 – fixed fake license for addons


A FUCKING NOTE 30/sep/2017

fuck this older version and download the latest from below link.

Video Copilot Element 3D v2.2.2.2155 RePack + CE Full Crack Download

these are new links, may be with instructions.


license generator + patch!sQIxGLZC!E_JBZn9RqHc20qzOa9Yt1tO2-YyN_zKjVth8AYDP7SM

New Links For v2.2.1 V3!4t4A3QBS!TlkK7FX4xW76Q7ePhs0wYiPH6iWLmDwj2TafcjMqlLQ!N543wLAJ!-3dDWEoVzJyNYiLr–hRGSvHF4xxYfGiXOopLUR4YFk

Element 3D V2.2.1 + 2.2.2

The Pixel Lab Material Pack For Element 3D V2
Pixel Lab Mirror



VideoCopilot Element 3D v2.2.1 v3 CE

pass: VR4ALL!4t4A3QBS!TlkK7FX4xW76Q7ePhs0wYiPH6iWLmDwj2TafcjMqlLQ

Video Copilot Element 3D v2.2.2 CE (Win)!N543wLAJ!-3dDWEoVzJyNYiLr–hRGSvHF4xxYfGiXOopLUR4YFk

Pass: VR4ALL
WinRAR 5 required.


i dont know which one is working, i’m not a MAC user ^.^

element 3d v2 mac

Video Copilot Element 3D V2.2 Mac

1.78 GB

70 thoughts on “VideoCopilot Element 3D v2.2.1 CE + v2.2.2 Full Download!

        1. Krateks

          then how we going to follow the instructions when we cant get it? =/

  1. vrnn

    it says after effects error: invalid filter
    25 : 3 thght this will work :/
    plz help

  2. forcequit

    i downloaded it and extracted it just fine, but i found out AS it was extracting that its PC. but it worked. (for those that say they had problems.)

  3. Kiki

    Hi Zaid and thanks alot for all your efforts and knowledge. I have a question though, will E3D be compatible with my graphic card (intel hd 5500 graphics card) because i have always had issue with this on cs6, will it work on adobe cc 2015?

          1. bobby bartolemew

            Hey Zaid! Thanks for the share, let us know when you got a mac version! I’ve found everything in your site to be awesome and works very well!

  4. Ítalo

    Hey dude, when i open the effect element, this error appears: After Effects Error: Plug-in “Element.aex” could not be loaded (126).
    HOW TO FIX IT?!!?!?

      1. Emmanuel Oti

        Please i want to download element 3D pro shader 2 so help me

  5. ismail

    cc 2014
    After Effects error: plug-in “Element.aex” could not be loaded (126). .

    invalid filter ( 25:3)

    1. alex

      I found a fix that may work. Just update your gpu drivers through the website (not through nvidia experience or amd equivilant). So i have the gtx 980, so i went simply looked for the latest driver on the nvidia website

  6. KayB

    I downloaded v2.2.2 CE and i successfully installed it. but when extracting it said that there’s no security id available for the installer. after installation, the element 3d plug in is not found under effects tab in
    After Effects. im using After Effects CS6. does this version 2.2.2 works with the After Effects CS6??

  7. Imran

    Hey Zaid bro, yar ma na download kia ha install bhe kerli ha or wo my document ma install hoi ha ma na AE on kia phir bhe nahi option i video copilot ke phir ma na wo folder plugin area ma copy paste kia phir bhe option nahi i kindly helpp

  8. Krateks

    hi, If i dont have an account video copilot cuz i havent purchase nothing there…how i can activate the license?

          1. Krateks

            i have dl VideoCopilot.Element.3D.v2.2.1.CE.rar but there just the element.exe nothing else, do i have to dl everything to find it? =/

          2. Raja

            Please help me zaid..
            I’am very poor i can’t afford this pass can you send me the password on this email.
            [email protected]

            Please sir this is my carear

  9. kimberly

    i have downloaded file but WINRAR asking for password, VR4ALL don’t work. can please guide me or send me a password.

  10. cicero

    hello, the downloads don’t come with the starter models and stuff.. theres no way 2 use enviroments, etc… please help? or which download comes with the starter models, like the primitives?

  11. mickdam

    this error appears: After Effects Error: Plug-in “Element.aex” could not be loaded (126).
    HOW TO FIX IT?!!?!?
    My AE version is CC 2015, n too many links… idk which is better…


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