Hello there! I love making VFX videos and posting VFX softwares for free. You can request me to post any software or tool or any other thing, i’ll try my best to post it *no virus of course*.

But, make sure to follow these 4 simples rules it will make work easy for me.

rule 1. In your name, enter real name please. it really confuses me when people send abusive emails.

rule 2. in email box, * PLEASE USE YOUR REAL EMAIL ADDRESS * because I reply everyone who sends me emails. if you cant use your real email, then dont bother using this email -_-

rule 3. In subject or request, write what you want for example aescript or any thing but only VFX Related.

rule 4. In your message, write what you want, mention software/script/plugin or anything you like mention its real Link or website home page. thatsall.

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