Infinite Color Panel Photoshop Win/Mac Full Easy Crack Download

By | May 5, 2018

Infinite Color Panel Photoshop Win/Mac Full Easy Crack Download

Infinite Color Panel Photoshop Win/Mac Full Easy Crack Download CLEAN!

Infinite Color was created to make color grading fun, easy, but most importantly, produce intricately beautiful results. People usually don’t know what they want, but they do know what they like when they see it. This tool will help guide you in seeing the color possibilities your image has, so it can guide you into deciding on what you really like in the fastest possible time.

Customizable Randomization
It works just like a slot machine, hit create and watch it generate a unique look with the adjustment layers you choose. The layers stay in-tact, so you can also re-shuffle individual layers in case you find something you almost like but may want to tweak. It’s completely customizable!

Look Like No One Else
The colors you generate will be yours and yours alone, with an infinite number of color possibilities, what you create will always be unique!

Get Advanced And Stack Color Groups
You can stack multiple groups of colors together so once you generate one layer stack, you can continue and generate more to create a highly intricate look!

No matter if your tastes in color are minor or prefer an aggressive look, the level of control will appeal to the most particular of palettes. The light, medium, and intense modes account for different tonal ranges.

Smart Settings
* Once you set an opacity of the folder of colors it generates, it stays there no matter how many looks you create.
* If you don’t like a specific look, we’ve scripted it so that you can easily hit Undo to go back to the previous look you created.

Professional Grade Results
We’ve made sure the parameters of each adjustment layer work cohesively together so the results are pleasing. I’ve ensured first hand that the potential of colors replicate a rich palette. Working professionals in every genre use this to create stunning filmic or cinematic looks!

Harmonize – Instantly Color Tone 
The Harmonize feature generates a harmonious set of colors for your highlights, shadows, and midtones based on what it deems most pleasing from the image. Once generated, you can select which colors you want in each tonal region!


You need to drop “Infinite Color Actions” file in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018\Presets\Actions.

Infinite Color Panel Photoshop Win/Mac Full Easy Crack Download

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  2. Cata

    Color Lookup doesn’t work. The action script its missing :/

  3. Sakib

    Its not proper file and my antivirus consider it as virus. Can you upload proper Infinite Color Panel by Pratik Nayek in megaupload. If you do so please inform me in my mail:

    By the way i am looking for windows version

  4. k

    there is no panel after I finished installing
    It doesn’t work at all. I can’t even see color infinite in extension.


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