VIDEOHIVE Big Pack of Elements v.1.5 After Effects Crack Download

By | January 9, 2018

VIDEOHIVE Big Pack of Elements v.1.5 After Effects Crack Download

VIDEOHIVE Big Pack of Elements v.1.5 After Effects Crack Download CLEAN! supports CC2018

One of the most coolest elemets pack you will ever use, of course if you are making money then buy it and support them. thanks for making it developers.

What is inside?


  • 25 2D Backgrounds
  • 25 Charisma Backgrounds
  • 49 Gradients


  • 100 Minimalistic Titles
  • 25 Charisma Titles
  • 25 Badges
  • 154 Letters Nexa Bold


  • 48 Computer Animations
  • 48 Gadgets Animations


  • 100 Basic shapes
  • 25 Charisma Shapes
  • 50 Shape Lines
  • 50 Shape Sparks
  • 50 Shape Particles
  • 50 Shape Mixed
  • 70 Hands


  • 30 Eco Icons
  • 30 Game Icons
  • 30 Medical Icons
  • 30 Business Icons
  • 30 Web Icons


  • 25 Simple Transitions
  • 25 Charisma Transitions
  • 25 High-Tech Transitions


  • 179 2D Presets
  • 248 3D Presets
  • 354 Text Presets


  • – Isometric – Special tool to work with elements of the pack. But you can also use it with other flat elements.
  • – AEViewer – By default works only with Big Pack elements. But you can upgrade to full version and work with your projects, presets, fonts and media files.
  • – Font Manager – By default works only with Big Pack typeface. But you can upgrade to full version and work and create your own animated typefaces.

Version 1.4.1

– Fixed a few Badges and Icons
– A few bugfixes to AEViewer (now it’s not creating lots of AEViewer folders)
– New tool that is available under the Scripts menu of AEViewer, called “Remove unused items”. It will help you in the situations when you get expressions errors after deleting the item from the layers

Version 1.5

– Added support of After Effects CC2018


if you are having CODE ISSUES< then please use  this one below it will work.


and run ad and the unlockbigpack.jsxbin again.

using older version then => you need toreplace file start.jsx in new version from old version, and then start UnlockBigPack.jsx and open Extension>AEViewer BP

Big Pack of Elements – Add Ons for After Effects (Videohive)
After Effects Version CC2014 and above | Resizable | 30 November 2017 | No plugins | 284 mb

UNLOCK jsxbin is below:


a few notes first.
1. at NO time was i connected to the internet.
2. at no time did i have to enter a purchase code into any dialog box.
3. I was starting from a “fresh slate” (no prior or older versions installed).
4. you will find links for all necessary files at the end of this post.
5. this is only for pc.

1. install the application (install big pack 1.5.exe)

2. copy the OLDER version of start.jsx to c:\program files (x86)\common files\Adobe\cep\extensions\com.motionland.bigpack\ jsx\start.jsx
(overwrite the version you have just installed. see file download link below).

3. run the ‘alternate-installer’ add.keys.reg. this will add the necessary keys to the registry.

4. run ae as administrator.

5. in ae, under the window tab, select and run UnlockBigPack.jsxbin (see link below)
(you should install the UnlockBigPack.jsxbin file to folder:
c:\program files\adobe\adobe after effects cc 20xx\support files\scripts\scriptsuipanel)

6. in ae, under the window tab select -> extensions -> aeviewer bp

the ‘aeviewer bp’ window should now be populated with elements and everything should work fine.links:


VIDEOHIVE Big Pack of Elements v.1.5 After Effects Crack Download

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Going to need a better explanation for installing this, the program won’t take any of the codes listed. Thanks.


how do you use the unlock jsxbin?


unlockbigpack.jsxbin is missing in the folder


Everytime i try ctrl+z after choose on of the presets, my ae crashes. Did it happen to someone else?


are you using our pc with some codes to prepar war?