Red Giant Universe v2.1 + 51 Plugins Winx64 Full Easy Crack Download!

By | November 3, 2017

Red Giant Universe v2.1 + 51 Plugins Winx64 Full Easy Crack Download!

Red Giant Universe 2.1 + 51 plugins Winx64 Full Easy Cracked Edition Download!

Red giant universe is an impressive collection of multimedia plug-ins from the company Red Giant. These applications are intended for video-filmmakers, wizards of media context editors, VFX-artists. Multimedia plug-in programs offer the user the opportunity to work with high-quality and professional tools for video editing, creating movies and clips at a high professional level and animated graphics. Multimedia-plugins Universe use GPU-acceleration of your PC and work as applications for professional graphics and media products, such as; After Effects, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas and DaVinci Resolve. Especially pleasing to users is that the Universe library is constantly updated and new effects and transitions are added.

System requirements: Applications: – Premiere Pro CS 6 to CC 2017 – After Effects CS 6 to CC 2017 OS : Windows 7-10 x64 Video: Red Giant Universe requires a video accelerator for visualization. Min. video accelerator – Intel HD 5000 built-in. Description: Red Giant Universe

Red Giant Universe

Version: 2.1
Language: English
Platform: x64 (64bit)
Medicine: All cured
Author of assembly: Team VR

51 Premium tools: 

– 3D Blinds
– 3D Cube
– 3D Fold
– 3D Inside Cube
– 3D Rubics Cube
– 3D Slide
– 3D Unfold
– Carousel
– Chromatic Aberration
– Chromatic Glow
– Diamond Wave
– Diffuse Color Glow
– Film Transition
– Finisher
– Fisheye Fixer
– Glimmer
– Glitch
– Glitch Transition
– Grain16
– Halflight
– Holomatrix
– Holomatrix EZ
– Heatwave
– Knoll Light Factory EZ
– Knoll Light Transition
– OverLight
– Picture in Picture
– Point Zoom
– Prism Displacement
– Retrograde
– ShrinkRay
– Soft the Gradient the Background
– Spectralicious
– Spectralicious Transitions
– SplitScreen Blocks
– SplitScreen the Custom Blocks
– Texturize
– ToonIt the Cartoon
– ToonIt Expressionist the Noise
– ToonIt Outlines
– ToonIt the Paint
– ToonIt the Presets
– ToonIt Retouch
– ToonIt Sketch
– ToonIt Thermal
– ToonIt Transition
– Triangle Wave
– Turbulence Noise
– Turbulence Noise EZ
– Turbulence Transitions
– VHS and other

50 Free plugins: 

– Billowed Background
– Blackhole
– Blur
– Camera Shake
– Channel Blur
– Checkerboard
– Color and Gamma Conversion
– Compare Frames
– Compound Blur
– Diffuse Glow
– Edge Glow
– Elliptical Distortion
– Exposure Blur Transition
– Fade In
– Fade Out
– Fill Alpha
– Fish Eye Distortion
– Flip
– Glo Fi
– Glow Highlights
– Grid
– Hyperbolic Blur
– Hyperbolic Dissolve Transition
– Luminance Noise
– Magnetic Displacement
– Masked Blur
– Masked Clone
– Masked Mosaic
– Noir Moderne Light
– Photo 2
– PixelGlow EZ
– Radial Blur
– RGB Displacement
– Ripples
– Rotate
– Shutter
– the Simple the RGB Separation
– Singularity’s
– Sobel Edges
– Soft Edge An Wipe
– the Streak Blur the
– Swish the Pan
– the Three the Color Ramp
– the Color Ramp of Two
– the Venetian
– Zoom Blur the
– Zoom Blur the Transition and other

New tools 

– AV Club – imitate lo-fi, noisy text that you will find on ancient video tapes, old commercials and local cable channels of access.
– Lustre – Give your text a slick retro look of the 1980s. Luster uses metallic shine for text and includes a refractive bevel for a glass simulated 3D view.
– Title Motion – Create text and shapes, and then instantly add dynamic animations that put them into action and exit the screen. Great for titles, lower thirds, callouts, etc.
– Ecto – Create haunting, evolving titles with this radiant fractal effect inspired by Ghostbusters and Stranger Things.
– Long Shadow – apply a colored long shadow to the text, logo or shape, for both classical and modern traffic design.
– Glo Fi II – Add text to the ethereal capricious form, instantly adding silky smooth, fractal glow effects to the headlines. A simple user interface makes it easy to apply developing organic glows.

Treatment procedure 

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Red Giant Universe v2.1 + 51 Plugins Winx64 Full Easy Crack Download!

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